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Welcome to the Fox & Rose Salon Blog!!!

Hey Fox! Thanks for stopping by to check out our blog. We are so happy you're taking the time to join us here.

Here at Fox & Rose Salon we strive to add value to your hair life in any way we can. We believe everyone should feel confident and want to help you expose your own unique beauty from home. Our blog will focus on keeping you up to date on all things hair and address some of the many questions we get behind the chair.

Have you ever had that great hair experience, you love your hair, you buy A L L the things to make your hair look great only to forget how or why you even have this new hair lotion or spray? Well... we get it. We often joke in the color room at the salon of how we all have these moments when we walk into another room to get something only to stand there and try to remember what it was we needed when we get there. #relatable 😂 Keep in mind, if you've visited us and you can't remember what you're supposed to do with those beautiful products you just bought... TEXT us, CALL us, DM us. We are here for you! In the meantime, enjoy the blog because sometimes it's just fun to read about some tips and tricks when you have time.

What you can expect from the & blog? We'll be sharing our favorite, tips and tricks, ways to style your hair, tips to use products, new trends, fashion tips and even some fun personal things like our favorite recipes and local places to visit. You ask us great questions in our chair and we are going to answer as many as we can here. So stay tuned and follow our blog so you can #getfoxed anytime you want.

For some hair inspo, visit us on Instagram @foxandrosesalon

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